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FAQs(EN) - T-box (Full Android AI Box)

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Quality Guarantee and Service for Carlinkit

  1. Does the product have quality assurance?

    In order to provide the best installation suggestions and after-sales service for your car, It is recommended that you choose to buy from first. All products sold have been tested and provide an after-sales guarantee. We will give priority to providing one-to-one service for customers who place orders on our site. For products purchased on other websites(e.g., Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay), we will not be able to guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

  2. How to enjoy product after-sales service?

    We offer service for items purchased from If you buy Carlinkit products from other websites(e.g., Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay), please seek help from other sellers first. You can also refer to our FAQ, but the products purchased from other websites may be different from ours, and our FAQ may not apply to products purchased on other websites.


1. About SIM Card Issues.

2. What should I do when I play the video through other apps, the audio is not synced? 

3. What should I do when I try to download or update Netflix in the play store, it says it is not available on the device?

4. How to keep the carplay automatically connect when I use the T-BOX?

5. How can I upgrade the T-box firmware?

6. How can I upload the log if I am using T-Box?

7. How to restore factory settings?

8. How to check my order?

9. What is the difference between the European version and the American version of the T-box and T-box mini?

10. How to download apps such as hulu or Disney plus that cannot be searched in Google Store on T-box?

11. How to connect mouse via Bluetooth?

12. Disney+ Hotstar can not enter the verification code

13. Different video app, video screen ratio is not the same

14. CarPlay occasionally lags and the touch screen does not respond

15. How to deal with frequent disconnection?

16. App individual options can not be clicked / options beyond the screen

17. TBox interface overlapping, not displaying Bluetooth icons

18. Android Auto/CarPlay: phone connection success, car screen connection failure

19. TBox series, prompt "Apple CarPlay cannot be activated/started"

20. There is a delay when switching songs with wireless Android Auto?

21. Android Auto Delete vehicle connection record

22. How to delete CarPlay connection history on iPhone?

23. TBox How to reinstall Netflix

24. TBox Google Maps can't set split screen?

25. TBox series Reset method/Recover factory reset

26. How does TBox work with Netflix?

27. TBox SIM card network selection - Japan

28. When I use the T-Box, the other party always hears an echo during calls.

29. Ford car model using Tbox doesn't show full screen.

30.TBox is not recognized/does not work, What should I do


32.When watching YouTube,  it gets hung after a couple of minutes.

33.Tbox Series Disconnect/Frequent Reboot.

34. How can I remove the dock from the screen when using Carlinkit Tbox Plus?

35.Tbox Plus GPS Location services is not working.

36. T-BOX Series:Getting an error that the product is not activated

37. T-box series: How to use Split Screen?

38. Method to check IMEI.

39. TBOX serias:How to uninstall software and install software from APK installer

40. TBox series: Reads SD card video and audio using VLC.

41. When installing Kodi, it installs fine but crashes upon startup.