What should I do if TBox is not recognized or does not work?

Issue 1: TBox is not recognized/does not work,What should I do?

Step1:Restore the factory settings of the Automotive Head Unit

Step2:Try to upgrade the latest version of firmware

To offline update the dongle, please refer

Step3:Observe the status of the TBox signal light: after connecting the USB port, within 30 seconds, if the signal light is no longer on, then you need to use a two-part cable to increase the power supply.

If you don't have that cable,you may purchase the cable from the link below.


① USB Female to CarlinKit product

② USB Male to car cigarette lighter/charging

③ USB Male to car data port(USB/Type-C are both possible, Depending on the data cable you purchase)

Issue 2: What should I do if Android Auto/ CarPlay connects to my phone successfully but fails to connect to my car screen?

Some users, when using TBox's wireless Android Auto/CarPlay, may encounter this situation.

The phone connects to the Bluetooth shown in the autokit app, and the phone prompts "Android Auto/CarPlay is connected to your car", but on the car screen, there is no Android Auto/CarPlay connected successfully.

The problem may be in the resolution (Automotive Head Unit/mobile phone), the solution is.

1. Modify the resolution of Automotive Head Unit/Radio.

2. In Android Auto developer mode, modify the resolution.

3. Automotive Head Unit/Radio turn on CarPlay/Android Auto split screen.

Detailed explanation.

1. Modify the resolution of Automotive Head Unit/Radio

If your Automotive Head Unit/Radio can modify the resolution, then try to see if you can access the wireless Android Auto/CarPlay with different resolution settings. If the car screen successfully enters wireless Android Auto/CarPlay, it means the phone needs to modify its resolution to match the Automotive Head Unit.

2. in Android Auto developer mode, modify the resolution.

Enter the Android Auto settings page,  Scroll to the bottom > Tap version until Developer Mode is enabled. and modify Video Resolution in the "Developer settings" in the upper right corner.

3. Automotive Head Unit/Radio turn on CarPlay/Android Auto split screen

Some cars need to change this setting - if your car also has this option: turn on CarPlay/Android Auto split screen.

Issue 3: (2023&2024 Audi) The Tbox plus is recognized, but on the car display, the name appears in gray, and I can't select it.

The box is recognized as soon as I connect it to my car. But nothing happens in the car display. The box's name is there, but the text remains gray and I can't select anything.

If you encounter the above situation with a 2023 or 2024 Audi model, please upgrade the firmware. Contact Support@carlinkitcarplay.com to obtain the firmware file.

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