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How can I get the Split-screen presets feature?

December 25, 2023 1 min read

We've received feedback from some of our users mentioning that, after the recent update (TBox Plus_138_Android 13_20231019), they've encountered challenges in setting up split-screen shortcuts. Wondering if there's an alternative?

Absolutely. We've rolled out a fresh firmware update specifically for users keen on utilizing the Split-screen presets feature.


Here's what this update brings to the table:

1. Split Screen Presets

2. Launcher Support (ex. Nova launcher)

3. Wifi and Hotspot at the same time (better wireless Carplay/Android Auto functionality)

This firmware isn't tied to any specific region; it's designed to cater to both the US and European variants of our product.


To install the update, please download the .zip file and save it to a micro SD card. Then insert the micro SD card into the Tbox Plus and open the FOTA update application > local update > navigate to update file.

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