How can I upgrade the T-box firmware?

Warning: We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade while the product is in good working condition. If you must upgrade, please strictly follow our operating instructions. If the product cannot work due to the failure of upgrading, you will need to send products back for repair and bear the corresponding high costs of freight and maintenance!


There are 668 and 138 versions of Carlinkit Tbox Plus. EM stands for 668 and EAU/JP/NA stands for 138. Their upgrade firmware are different, and can not be mixed to use. Before upgrading, please check if the version of the device is "668" or "138".

(The 138 version of boxes use the 138 firmware, and the 668 version of boxes use the 668 firmware)

If the product cannot be used normally without using the correct version to upgrade, you need to send the product back for repair.

How to identify the "668" or "138" version?

Method one:
Please check the version number on the back of the box.
1) "EM" stands for the "668" version
2) "EAU/JP/NA" stands for "Version 138"

Method Two:
Please click Box Settings>Version>Autokit-Box Plus Version__X9-SCXXX to confirm the 668 or 138 version.

Steps of how to upgrade the firmware by USB flash drive:

1. Prepare a TF card, format it to FAT32, copy the file (Look at the step 2 to download the file.) into the root directory of the TF card.
T-box upgrade
2. Contact us by email ( to get the firmware.
(1)Click to download the latest firmware.
T-box-Download firmware file tutorial
(2)Download and save the file.
T-box-download the firemware file3.Insert the TF card into the product, the system will automatically remind you whether to update, click Update (Please don't remove the dongle while the box is updating.)
(1)Insert the TF card.
T-box update
(2)Click Update on the pop-up message box.
T-box update
(3) The file will be copied automatically.
T-box update
(4) After the file was copied, the T-box will start updating.
T-box update
(5) After the firmware completed the upgrade, the software will upgrade automatically.
T-box update

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