Tbox Connection Problems.

Issue 1:What should I do if my Tbox series disconnects frequently or reboots often?

How to deal with frequent disconnection?

The Android system of TBox is an independent system, which does not produce data interconnection with the cell phone and rarely disconnects, after a few users encounter disconnection, please try the below methods.

1. Please use the original data cable of TBox

2. If the original data cable also appears disconnected, please

a. replace a good quality data cable

b. please check whether the car interface (the port used by TBox) is normal, some users have poor contact/not firmly connected to the car port

c. try to use Type-C port.

To rule out cable problems.

● If the problem still persists after change a data cable, please use the auxiliary power cable - to rule out the problem of insufficient power supply.

You may purchase the cable from the link below.


① USB Female to CarlinKit product

② USB Male to car cigarette lighter/charging

③ USB Male to car data port(USB/Type-C are both possible, Depending on the data cable you purchase)

● If the problem still exists after adding the auxiliary power cable, please use the power cable/power supply box - upload the log, after the log is uploaded successfully, please take a picture of the Case ID and send it to us.

Our email address is: support@carlinkitcarplay.com

Issue2: What should I do if the TBox Plus A13 experiences a slow wireless CarPlay connection or fails to connect?

We have optimized this issue in version 2023.10.10 and newer, please upgrade to this version!



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