(U2W Plus) UPGRADE FIRMWARE OFFLINE -for Carlinkit CPC200-U2W/U2W Plus Dongles Firmware Upgrade by USB Flash Drive

Warning: We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade while the product is in good working condition. If you must upgrade, please strictly follow our operating instructions. If the product cannot work due to the failure of upgrading, you will need to send products back for repair and bear the corresponding high costs of freight and maintenance!

If the device cannot be connected or recognized, you can use the USB Flash drive to upgrade the firmware. Of course, to avoid malfunctions, it is will be better you upgrade the dongle firmware online. Otherwise, the equipment is likely to become useless. This upgrade method is different from the past, you need to pay 100 % attention to following our upgrade steps, otherwise, the dongle will be dead.

(Very Important note: Do not attempt to connect the adapter to your computer or laptop USB ports. These ports are made to transfer data and will just interrupt the update process and break the device.)

Preparation materials: the dongle, power adapter, USB flash drive.

Steps of how to upgrade the firmware by USB flash drive:

1. Prepare a 32G or less USB Flash Drive, and right-click on the USB Flash Drive, formatted as FAT32 format (4/8/16/32GB).
offline-upgrade-2 (1)
offline-upgrade-2 (1)
offline-upgrade-2 (1)

2. The img format firmware into the USB Flash Drive (firmware name can not be modified, keep the name in the zip package) (If you bought the device from carlinkitcarplay.com, you can get the file by sending us an email)


3. Connect the Carlinkit Dongle (U2W/ U2W Plus) to a USB wall power outlet/ charger. Wait for the solid Red light. Please don’t use the USB port of the car or computer!!

offline-upgrade-2 (5)

4. Insert the USB flash drive into the Carlinkit Dongle and upgrade with red and green lights flashing, do not power off, wait until the bright red light or blue light is on, and then wait 4 minutes to unplug. (If the USB flash drive meets the size and format, but the LED does not appear flashing phenomenon, please replace a USB flash drive)

offline-upgrade-2 (5)

5. Plug the dongle into the USB port of the car once the head unit is fully booted.

Connection tutorial: https://carlinkitcarplay.com/blogs/wireless-dongle-adapter/how-can-i-get-my-phone-connected-and-use-wireless-carplay

To get the newest updated firmware file, please email us!


In conclusion, we hope this guide on upgrading your dongle firmware has been helpful to you.

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