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Carlinkit 5.0 (2air): Upgrade Your Car to Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

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 Convert Your Wired Carplay/ Wired Android Auto to Wireless!

The new Carlinkit 2air, also known as Carlinkit 5.0 adapter. It is a Wireless Carplay and Wireless Android Auto Adapter in one. The CPC200-2air wireless adapter enables you to wirelessly connect your car's existing wired Apple CarPlay or wired Android Auto infotainment system, allowing you to conveniently access all your preferred maps, media, and messaging apps on your car's display through Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

An illustration of the user-friendly installation process for the Carlinkit 2air device, which is designed for hassle-free installation

 Making it Easier to Use Online Navigation and Music While Traveling.

With the Carlinkit 2air, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to seamlessly access your favorite apps, music, and maps without taking your hands off the wheel. This means you can focus on driving and keep your eyes on the road, while still enjoying all the features you need to make your journey more enjoyable.


 Small, Compact, and Unobtrusive.

The Carlinkit 2air is designed to be small, compact, and unobtrusive. Its cabinet is made of durable ABS+PC and comes in a sleek black color casing. The device can be stored vertically in the center console or attached with velcro in the glove box, taking up minimal space in your car. The side of the cabinet features ventilation openings to prevent overheating during use.

An image showcasing the compact and sleek design of the Carlinkit 2air, which takes up minimal space in a car's infotainment system

 Plug and Play.

The setup of the Carlinkit 2air device is simple and easy. You can directly plug in a USB adapter to cars and trucks which can be used for wired Carplay or wired Android Auto. Once set up, the device provides wireless connectivity in your car. Then you can easily get rid of the cords in your car.An image of the user-friendly interface of the Carlinkit 2air device, which makes it easy to use wireless CarPlay or Android Auto

The difference between Carlinkit 5.0 (2air) and Carlinkit 4.0 (CPC200-CP2A):carlinkit 2air vs carlinkit 4.0

Compared to the Carlinkit 4.0, the Carlinkit 2air adapter supports Carplay and Android Auto natively and Carlinkit 2air does not have to convert between Android Auto and CarPlay protocols, which enables faster connections and smoother navigation. 

Carlinkit 5.0-Coditions of useYou should buy Carlinkit 5.0 if...

  • You want wireless Carplay or wireless Android Auto;
  • You want to charge your phone wirelessly;
  • Cut the cord and relieve your driving stress;
  • You drive a vehicle with wired Carplay or wired Android Auto.


1. Compatible with OEM wired CarPlay and wired Android Auto cars. Convert original car wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay, and convert original car wired Android Auto to wireless Android Auto.

2. CarlinKit 5.0 does not support converting wired Android Auto to CarPlay, nor does it support converting wired CarPlay to Android Auto.

3. If your car has Wired Apple Carplay only, but you want Android Auto. 👉Carlinkit 4.0 is the answer! It can convert your Apple CarPlay infotainment unit to Wireless Android Auto!

4. Carlinkit 5.0 also supports aftermarket head units, like Alpine, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, and JVC.

5. If you enjoy watching videos like YouTube or Netflix on your car screen, you deserve👉Carlinkit Tbox Plus with an Android 13.0 system. Carlinkit-Overseas-Warehouse-Near-MeCPC200-carlinkit2air-wireless-carplay-wirelessAndroid-Auto-product-specsCPC200-carlinkit2air_wireless-carplay-wireless-AndroidAuto-product-package

Customer Reviews

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Kia Seltos facelift 2023 works perfectly with carlinkit5.0

Kia Seltos facelift 2023 works perfectly with carlinkit5.0

Great little device!

When I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 15 with USB-C I found myself with the dilemma of how to handle switching with my wife’s iPhone 13 with lightning. Then I found this. Great little device, simply plug it in to the car and pair with your phones’s bluetooth. Then when you start the car you get a display asking which phone to connect to (mine or my wife’s) and away you go. Very simple and just works.

It's remarkable

It set up in no time. Used it first for iphone, and worked well, then replaced with an Android phone and that was easy as well. Would certainly recommend.

Great piece of equipment for your car

Does all the things it is designed to do, easy to install


Faster connection than previous model


We enjoy not having to plug in the phone. Thank you

CarLink 5.0 - would buy again, but.......

Of the three different ones that I've tried, CarLink has proven to be the most reliable. Bought two more of these for other vehicles. Jeep with UConnect has dropped bluetooth on two occasions, just had to unplug and plug back in device and it resolved the issue. In all, the responsiveness of CarPlay app and sound has been really good


Carlinkit 5.0 (2air): Upgrade Your Car to Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

Nice Device

The device works as advertised. That being said, setup was not straight forward. I had to unpair my iPhone from the vehicle itself and then in the settings for the WiFi AutoXXX connection I had to turn on “Auto Join”. It took me a few days to figure this out.

Works Great

Using it for couple of weeks now. Working flawlessly.