(A2A/ CarlinKit 3.0/4.0) UPGRADE FIRMWARE ONLINE-(Attaching Video)

Warning: We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade while the product is in good working condition. If you must upgrade, please strictly follow our operating instructions. If the product cannot work due to the failure of upgrading, you will need to send products back for repair and bear the corresponding high costs of freight and maintenance!

Note: During the update process, do not operate any buttons or touch the screen. Do not move the product or power it off. 

This method is applicable to U2W series/CarlinKit3.0/CarlinKit4.0/A2A/CP2A

1. After the dongle connect to the car successfully, please open the mobile browser and visit the

2. Find the Basic Settings, please click Check for updates.

Noted: make sure not to power off during this period

Please wait for the box to RESTART and you will see the UI interface again

Video Tutorial 


If you can't upgrade the firmware online, you can upgrade it by USB flash drive.

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