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T2C Apple Carplay Tesla Adapter - Upgrade Your Tesla With Wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto

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Note: Carlinkit T2C supports both wireless Carplay/ Android Auto right now! 


Carlinkit T2C brings CarPlay to Tesla

The Carlinkit T2C is specially designed for Tesla and helps Tesla upgrade with wireless Carplay/ Android Auto. All you need to do is insert the SIM card (Please use the SIM card no need to provide the IMEI number) or share the phone's wifi into the T2C, connect your Tesla to the T2C with the USB cable, and then enjoy wireless Carplay. Simple and Money-saving!

Suitable for cars and mobile phones:

Applicable model: For Tesla all series models

If your model year is before 2018, the following conditions must be met when using T2C:

  1. Browser support is required.
  2. WiFi support is required (older cars may be unable to search for 5G signals, so you need to switch to 2.4G for the mobile device's connection).
  3. Tesla's browser must be upgraded to Chrome 94 or a newer version.

Support iPhone 6 and newer IOS 10 or above.Support Android phones with Android 11.0+.

Note: Tesla drivers should focus on the road even when the Tesla Autopilot model is on.


✅ Play and Play, bring Apple Carplay and a comfortable experience to your Tesla.

With the Carlinkit T2C Tesla dongle, you can seamlessly upgrade your Tesla to feature wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Enjoy listening to music via your favorite applications, make phone calls, and summon Siri with just your voice. The T2C preserves Tesla's original car screen operating system while enhancing it with an interactive interface, ensuring a quick start to Tesla CarPlay and smoother operation.

CPC200-T2C Tesla-Exclusive Version-Help-all-Tesla-Cars Use-Wireless Apple-Carplay-phone-call

CPC200-T2C-Tesla-Exclusive -Version-Help-all-Tesla-Cars-Use-Wireless Apple-Carplay-listen-to-music

✅Siri assistant support, makes it easier to drive.

If you are driving your Tesla alone and no one else can assist you in operating the screen, Carlinkit T2C could provide you with an aid to manipulate your Tesla. Just arouse Siri as you do on an iPhone, and then you can command your Tesla. Carlinkit T2C makes your car trip safer and more convenient.


Search for "Carplay" in the search bar to explore more driving pleasure.

CPC200-T2C-Tesla-Exclusive Version-Help-all-Tesla-Cars-Use-Wireless-Apple-Carplay-application-download

More navigation options for your safe driving and precise navigation.

With the T2C Carplay Tesla Adapter, you can have more options in choosing navigation apps, such as Waze, and Google Maps. It supports more map software that can be updated in real time.


✅Split-screen function.

Enhance Your Tesla experience with Split-Screen functionality for Tesla Apple CarPlay. Effortlessly navigate between apps and enjoy seamless multitasking with our Carlinkit T2C wireless adapter.


✅More stable and smooth operation with 2.4G+5.0G-Wifi.

Experience enhanced stability and seamless operation with the Carlinkit T2C's 2.4G+5.0G WiFi connectivity. Enjoy a smoother wireless connection for your Tesla Apple CarPlay.



How to use T2C in your Tesla car?

If you want to add wireless Carplay/Android Auto to your Tesla car, please make sure your phone is iPhone 6/ IOS 10 or above, For Android phones, they must support Android Auto. You can insert the SIM card or share the phone's hotspot for the device to access the internet.Please connect the T2C with your Tesla after the car is in gear. (At that time you can log in to the car screen's browser to enter http://tespuch.com)


T2C supports language change, version upgrades, etc in the connection interface.

LED Instructions

LED 1: Mobile phone interconnection status. Slow flashing after successful interconnection.

LED 2: WIFI connection status. Green light will keep on after a successful connection.

LED 3: Power status indication. The green light will keep on after powering on.

LED 4: 4G status indication. Greenlight will keep on after networking.

CPC200-T2C Tesla Exclusive Version-Help all Tesla Cars Use Wireless Apple Carplay-LED lights

 Product Specifications:

CPC200-T2C-Tesla-Exclusive -Version-Help-all-Tesla-Cars-Use-Wireless Apple-Carplay-adapter-package-list

CPC200-T2C Tesla Exclusive Version-Help all Tesla Cars Use Wireless Apple Carplay-Certificate

Compatible list:

Adapted for Tesla vehicles

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X



  1. T2C is only suitable for Tesla model cars. If the one you bought with a SIM card port, you can use it with or without a SIM card. If you insert a SIM card (iPhone eSIM card also works), the SIM Card only consumes a small amount of data, navigation, music, and other applications that use the mobile phone's traffic and does not use the T2C'SIM card traffic.
  2. The following countries and regions cannot use Carlinkit T2C products: Taiwan, Hong Kong,and Australia.
  3. When using Carlinkit T2C in Israel, if there is a situation where the box WiFi cannot be found by both the mobile phone and the car, please try to modify the T2C Wi-Fi channel to 36-44 (the reason is Israel only supports channels 36-44, and the T2C box defaults to 149).
  4. T2C is compatible with iPhone 6 or IOS 10 and above. As well as Android phones that support Android Auto.
  5. To upgrade the T2C Tesla Apple Carplay dongle, please refer to THE VIDEO TUTORIAL.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Wirelessly Connect Apple Carplay on Tesla

I like it and will be keeping it. I’m trying to optimize the connection at home to stop it from connecting to my phone when I don’t want it to (leave it switched on, unplug it, add a USB switch, disable CarPlay on the phone as I enter the house) but in the car it does the job nicely. The audio is clear (because it’s Bluetooth directly between car and phone) and it is fully functional for Hey Siri, phone calls etc. The Tesla browser window is a good size so the CarPlay map displays are large and easy to use. After buying the unit it is free to use now that it doesn’t require a SIM and I am expecting to not pay for Premium Connectivity when my trial expires since I get live traffic, and streaming audio through CarPlay. In theory, it pays for itself in the first 12 months.

T2c n my Tesla y

Again… my exchange for getting the wrong model with sutomer support was fantastic…using for 2 weeks and CarPlay working smoothly… still trying to add more apps if possible

Great device

I wanted CarPlay in my new Tesla and now I have it. SiriusXM and more because of this little device. Easy installation too!

Excellent Product

I set this up in about 5 minutes and realized I do not even need my hotspot on. It works off of Bluetooth and I guess from my cell service. I am extremely pleased with this adapter and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to add Carplay to their Tesla.

Great device

Have been using with my Tesla model 3. Not using SIM card. Works fantastic. Great to get Waze on Tesla screen. However sometimes the screen disappears and needs refreshing. But still love this device.

Dont buy

No refund after returned to store a week ago. Was not working well so returned

Almost 5 Stars

My only issue is that the Carlinkit WiFI signal does not come on when my Tesla starts up unless I unplug and re-plug in the Carlinkit.

Other than that I love having full Apple CarPlay experience in my Tesla. Apple CarPlay is so much better thank Tesla's crappy software. Tesla's text messaging app is a joke.

Très bien fonctionne comme décrit

Fonctionne très bien je recommande


Super-easy to install, it works fast and smooth !!!

Works as advertised. Not native but works as a good alternative

Straightforward set up, works as advertised. A few things to be aware of ;

The configuration causes the Tesla connection to the internet to be overridden and relies 100% on your phone. That’s fine if you don’t have the premium Tesla internet connectivity. Just know you can’t use both CarPlay and the Tesla internet at the same time. If you are an avid CarPlay user and must have CarPlay or Android Auto in your Tesla then this is the best option