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Carlinkit A2A Wireless Android Auto Adapter For Car With Factory Wired Android Auto


Carlinkit A2A Converts YourWired Android Auto to Wireless!

Android Auto is a simpler, safer way to use your phone in the car. Carlinkit A2A wireless Android Auto adapter provides a wireless connection to your car's existing Android Auto-capable infotainment system, making it even easier to get all your favorite maps, media, and messaging apps on your car display. It powers your phone on your car screen. 

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-2

 Seamless Connection. Connect Automatically and Flawlessly!

After the first time is set up successfully, the Carlinkit A2A Android Auto dongle eliminates the need to plug your phone into your car’s infotainment system every time you get into the vehicle. Wireless Android Auto adapter allows for easier access to your favorite navigation, media, and messaging apps.

 A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play-conditions

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play-features

  Switch between the original car system and the Android Auto system.

When you use the Carlinkit wireless A2A adapter, you can easily switch between the Android Auto system and the original car system in the car, it will not change any of your original settings. You can easily enjoy the navigation of Google Maps, and Waze, listen to music, and summon the voice assistant.

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-map

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-music

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-voice-control

 Plug and Play

The setup of the Carlinkit A2A device is simple and easy. You can directly plug in a USB adapter to cars and trucks which can be used wired Android Auto. To use it wirelessly please pair Carlinkit A2A with a compatible active Android smartphone. 

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play

 Wireless Capability

Previously, you had to keep your phone wired to use Android Auto all the time, wireless Android Auto adapter A2A now solves this problem. 

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play-4

 Carbon fiber shell.

The Carlinkit A2A wireless Android Auto adapter is made of carbon fiber material, it is scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint.

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play-carben-fiber-material

 Small, Compact, and Unobtrusive.

Just fit inside the center console vertically or fix it with velcro in the glove box, then forget about it, it takes almost no space at all

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-plug-and-play-size

Product Specs:A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-specification

A2A-Wireless-Car-Adapter-For-Android -Auto-wireless-connection-standard-package-list
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Meets my needs

Setup with 2 phones was fairly simple. The main issue is that it seems to take some time to connect. Sometimes up to a minute. It doesn't sound like a long time but could be frustrating to those that are using Google maps and having to wait to get directions. I just use it my commuter car for music so not much of a deal breaker for me. I did try another manufacturer prior to this one that would connect in about 20 seconds but would skip continually.

So far a good product

Takes a few minutes to engage and sometimes the conection breaks for a second

Better than advertised

Unit is compact and well built .. instructions were concise and thorough.. the unit installed in minutes and we are enjoying the performance... thank you


Very Good

Per fortuna che esiste!

un ottimo device che permette di usare Android Auto via wireless! veloce e efficace,abbinato al mio Samsung S22 Ultra è una manna dal cielo! Grazie CarlinKit!

Working flawlessly

I bought it during black friday sales of November 2022.
I bought it for my tata punch .It connect to my car in a couple of minutes .There is no lags or anything during its operation

Works flawlessly 👍

I brought it for my TATA NEXON 2022 model and it works flawlessly, no setup required no settings just plugin and play

android carlinkit

it took a little while after a couple of days so far is working beautiful


This is a great product. Connect to the car, wait for 15 seconds just for one time and it is ready to use. No issues about wrong cable. On the second use, you do not need to wait for connect. No time needed. You can buy it without any doubt.

Mieux qu'en liaison filaire

Android auto fonctionne parfaitement sur mon véhicule (Renault) et même mieux qu'avec une connexion filaire. Aucune déconnection, tout est parfait.
La livraison a été rapide.