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How can I get my phone connected and use this Carlinkit USB Dongle?

February 10, 2022 2 min read

Before use the product, you need to make sure two points:

1. On the car system, go to "Setting" and check the "System Version" to make sure the Android system version is higher than 4.2 and you can use the product. 

2. Install the “AutoKit” APK to the car Android head unit. (Click here to view how to install APK.)


How to use the product: (Wireless CarPlay)

1. Insert the wireless product into the USB port of the car, and wait for the Autokit APK to search for the product's Bluetooth.

Autokit-insert the product


2. Confirm that the WiFi and Bluetooth functions of the iPhone are turned on (please make sure that it is not connected to any other devices at this time).

3. Enter the iphone's Bluetooth interface to find the the product's Bluetooth signal (find AutoKit-****).

4. Click the signal "AutoKit-****" on the iPhone and enter the password "0000" to successfully connect to CarPlay.

Principle: CarPlay wireless connect, pairing established via Bluetooth, and data transmission via WIFI work.

How to use Wired CarPlay or Android auto:

1. First connect the CarPlay USB dongle with Android head unit (via USB).

2. Click on the "Bluetooth music" app of the car,turn on the Bluetooth of the Android phone and pair with the "Bluetooth music" Bluetooth.(Turn on the "usb debugging" function in the Android phone settings in advance.)

Autokit-BT Music

3. Turn on Android Auto on your Android phone. Connect your phone and product with usb cable, realize wired Android Auto.

Autokit-usb cable

Note: Your Android phone needs to have an "Android Auto" app.

Install Android Auto app:

1. From the Google Play to download and install Android Auto.

2. Check the Android Auto operating environment. And update Google services.

Autokit-Android Auto


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