Bluetooth Connection Failed: Troubleshooting Guide.

Carlinkit 5.0 (2air) When plug it into my car and connect via Bluetooth, I can see it on my phone but can't pair it. What should I do?

When you encounter issues such as "unable to connect Bluetooth" or "Bluetooth connection failed" or "Bluetooth pairing failed" or "please check if the pairing is ready" while using 2air and trying to connect your phone to the box via Bluetooth, you can try the following solution:

1. First, connect your phone to the box's WiFi (the WiFi name is usually prefixed with the car's brand name in English or VOL, subject to variations based on the original car).

2. Input the password 12345678.

3. Using your phone's built-in browser, enter to access the backend.
Video Tutorials:

4. Select the settings option at the bottom and click on "Reset."

5:or you can also try to restart you phone.

If you try the above solutions and it still doesn't work, you need to flash the firmware.

Please contact us via our email to get the firmware,our email

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