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>>Wondering which adapter suits your needs best? Check out our product comparison.

1. For families with both Android and iPhone users, Carlinkit 5.0 is a great choice.

2. If your interest lies solely in CarPlay functionality, the Carlinkit 3.0 is tailored for you. It efficiently converts Wired Carplay into Wireless:

3. If you're into streaming video apps like YouTube and Netflix and want video and game playing in your car, explore our "CarPlay AI Box"

4. Prefer only Android Auto? Our Android Auto Wireless Carlinkit A2A is designed to convert Wired Android Auto into Wireless:

5. For Tesla owners, we have the Carlinkit T2C, providing a tailored wireless CarPlay and Android Auto experience for Tesla vehicles:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance!

If your vehicle comes with a factory wired CarPlay system or wired Android Auto, then this product is compatible. This covers vehicles with both wired and wireless CarPlay connections. However, it's important to note that a wireless Carplay adapter won't work with vehicles that only support a wireless CarPlay connection, such as BMW models.

3 ways to check if your car has wired Carplay function:

1. Check if there is a Carplay icon on the car audio screen
Some car manufacturers will display the Carplay icon on the car stereo screen.

2. Use an iPhone to test each USB port on the car stereo
Connect the car stereo to the iPhone with a USB cable. If a pop-up window about using Carplay appears on the phone. It means your car has a Carplay function.

3. Consult a car dealer

Yes. Our wireless CarPlay adapter, the Carlinkit CCPA, is specifically designed for use with aftermarket stereos. It seamlessly enables wireless functionality for your aftermarket CarPlay or Android Auto system.

The operational principle of a wireless CarPlay adapter establishes a wireless connection through Bluetooth authenticationand WiFi transmission. Simply connect the adapter to the CarPlay USB port in your vehicle, turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone, and then search and connect to the adapter's Bluetooth from your phone.

If your vehicle doesn't come equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto, a wireless adapter won't be effective. Instead, you'll need to install a new head unit that supports CarPlay or consider adding a portable Apple CarPlay display.

The wireless adapter has minimal power consumption and won't significantly affect the car or phone battery. Additionally, if you notice the adapter's light still blinking after turning off your car, there's no need to worry. This occurs because there's residual current in the USB port. You can choose to unplug the adapter, or simply disregard it, as it will automatically power off after a short while.

Absolutely! CarPlay itself doesn't interfere with the backup camera, as its main focus is on the infotainment system.