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Carlinkit 3.0/ 4.0/ U2W PLUS User Manual

April 12, 2022 2 min read

Product function introduction

For safer and smarter driving, we change the original wired CarPlay connection method, say goodbye to the data cable connection, wireless transmission brings a more convenient connection experience.

When you use Wireless Apple CarPlay Dongle, it will automatically connect your iPhone when you enter the car. You can put your phone anywhere you like without having to repeatedly plug and unplug it every time.

Product specification parameters
  • Power input: 5V 1-2.1A 
  • Power output: DC 5V 0.8-2A
  • Product power consumption: 0.15W
  • Adaptive Resolution: Adaptive
Compatible car model and phone
Product connection method
  1. Connect the dongle to the Car head unit USB port
  2. Pair the adapter with your iPhone via Bluetooth
  3. Enjoy wireless carplay
iPhone connection (Wireless Bluetooth)
1. Connect the USB dongle to the car's USB port, click Search, and turn on the iPhone Bluetooth& Wifi.
2. Click the iPhone Bluetooth signal that appears on the car screen, pair and connect on the iPhone Bluetooth interface, and then start to use wireless Apple CarPlay
Note: If the above method does not connect successfully. You can turn on iPhone Bluetooth & Wifi search for the Bluetooth signal display on the car screen, and click it to connect.
Online upgrade instruction
The iPhone Wifi connects to dongle Wifi and input in the iPhone browser.  Note: It must be the iPhone, and the iPhone can connect to the network.
Warning: We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade while the product is in good working condition. If you must upgrade, please strictly follow our operating instructions. If the product cannot work due to the failure of upgrading, you will need to send products back for repair and bear the corresponding high costs of freight and maintenance!

List management

Our dongle could only work with one phone at a time. However,  you can switch between different phones if you want.

You could delete the old one and then pair it with the new iPhone.

  • Bluetooth connect: click your iPhone's name
  • Delete the pair: long press your iPhone's name

Description of log upload function

When you meet some problem, you could try this function.
1. The iPhone Wifi connects to the dongle Wifi, and inputs 192.168. 50.2 in the iPhone browser. Note: it must be the iPhone, and the iPhone can connect to the network.
2. Please describe your car brand+ model+ year first, and then turn to the "Infos" interface, click "Feedback" and submit the 'Problem Description' after describing your current problem.
Note: Before submitting the log, please do remember to email us your order number, the year and the model of your car, and the log's screenshot so that we can forward your case to our engineers.
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