T2C hotspot connection tutorial.

Video tutorial


Connecting Steps:

  1. Plug the product into the car's USB port.

  2. Turn on your mobile hotspot before connecting.

  3. Search for the product's Bluetooth signal on your phone and connect to it. (Bluetooth name: Autokit-xxxx)

  4. When prompted, click on "Pair", "Allow", and "Use CarPlay / Android Auto" for any relevant messages that appear.

  5. On the car's screen, click on the WiFi icon located in the upper right corner. Use the provided password to look for the product's WiFi signal and connect to it. (WiFi signal: Autokit-xxxx, password: 88888888)

  6. Once the WiFi connection is established, make sure to enable the "Remain connected in Drive" option if available.

  7. Open the car's browser and enter "tespush.com" in the address bar to access Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto.

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