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What should I do if T2C shows no SIM network?

December 13, 2022 1 min read

If you are using T2C (CarPlay for Tesla) and experiencing no network signal from your SIM, please try upgrading Carlinkit T2C.

Follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Power on the T2C device.
  2. Connect your iPhone's Bluetooth to T2C's Bluetooth (Bluetooth name: Autokit-****).
  3. Confirm the use of CarPlay.
  4. In your phone's browser, enter the URL:
  5. On the web page, click on the upgrade button.
  6. After the prompt for a successful upgrade, please wait for T2C to reboot and complete the upgrade.

Picture tutorial:


  1. Contact your telecommunication operator to obtain the APN parameters and fill them in.

Video tutorial:


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