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FAQ Conditions of use of Carlinkit 4.0

Carlinkit 4.0 Function: Wired CarPlay upgrade to wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto.


It does not work with After-Market Android radio

If your car, only has wired CarPlay, then you can use wireless CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto normally through Carlinkit 4.0.

If your car, has both wired CarPlay and wired Android Auto, in this case, wireless CarPlay can work normally, but wireless Android Auto may have problems.


Please use Carlinkit A2A, which is a product to upgrade wired Android Auto to wireless Android Auto.

Or use Ai Box(Tbox series) TBox series, which can upgrade wired Carplay to Android and support wireless carplay, and wireless Android Auto connection. What's more, it can watch videos and download apps within the Android