Failed to update firmware.

Issue 1: Update firmware unsuccessful, fields are empty.

After making a software update on my dongle, it was not successful. Now I can neither reset the device nor the software. Nothing works anymore. Also, the fields are empty like below.  

This situation means there is something wrong with the dongle software, please send an email to our email address, and we will send you the corresponding firmware for the offline upgrade.


Issue 2: After upgrading/downgrading, the box shows a red light, and the phone cannot connect to the box.

Here is the solution:

1. Please reset the car infotainment.

2. Please delete the Bluetooth pairing record of the box from the phone.

3. Access product backend to reset the box in the settings. You may refer to the blog below to access 192.168.50. (Upon the first visit to this webpage, you may need to provide car model information and submit it.)

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