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U2W Plus stucks on the connecting screen and shows "need to complete activation".

July 20, 2023 1 min read

U2W Plus started to not open the Carplay Screen. It gets stuck on the connecting screen.

When accessing it sends the message "product is not activated".

On the Carplay screen shows "need to complete activation" and can't use the adapter.



1. Please plug the dongle into a home charger.

2. Please connect directly to the box's WIFI  (the WIFI name varies with the car model) 

It starts with VOL or Auto (password 12345678).

3.  Input with your phone's Safari browser.

Video Tutorial


4. After entering, you will see a page like below. Please click on the black part, then the white box will be hidden, and you will be able to see the current version number on top. 
Send the version number to our mailbox support@carlinkitcarplay.com, and we will send you a similar firmware for flashing.





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