How can I upload the log?

Sometimes, when you can't find a suitable solution through our FAQ, you can upload a log in the backend. Our engineers will push you a specific firmware version based on the log you uploaded to solve your problem so that you can update it online. 

Here are the steps to upload the log:

1. The product is plugged into the USB socket on the car to power on.

1.The product is plugged into the usb socket on the car to power on.

2. Firstly, turn on your phone's WIFI, find the dongle's signal which is named AUTO/VOLXXX, input the password 12345678 to pair the phone and the dongle.

2.Turn on the iPhone's WiFi, click the wifi name of the product,enter the password 12345678 to connect.

3. Open your phone's browser and input to log in to the backend,and then click the white icon.

4. Click " Feedback "to fill in the problem you meet.

5. Before you submit the log, please do remember to email us your order number, the year and the model of your car, and the log's screenshot so that we can forward your case to our engineers.

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