Hardware Error: Wi-Fi BT

The “Hardware Error: Wi-Fi BT” error message is displayed on the screen. 

Solutions: Upgrade to the latest version offline.

1. Prepare a U disk below 32G at high quality.

2. First format the U disk to FAT32

3. Put the files( You can obtain the latest firmware by contacting us at support@carlinkitcarplay.com.) into the U disk.

4. Power on the product with a plug, and then plug the U disk into the USB port of the box for upgrading.

5. When it turns red and blue flashing, it indicates that the product is upgrading, please do not power off, wait for the indicator light on, and then unplug the box after 3 minutes.

For more detailed information about how to upgrade the box please refer to our blog link: Offline Upgrade

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