T2C CarPlay for Tesla - First Connection Tutorial

Adapter for Running CarPlay on Tesla - First-Time Connection Tutorial

Please follow these detailed steps to ensure a successful connection and minimize any potential mistakes:

  1. Insert the SIM card into the product's SIM card slot, following the indicated direction. Ensure that the SIM card has an active mobile data plan.

  2. Connect the product to the car's USB/Type-C port using the provided data cable.

  3. On the car's screen, tap the lower left corner to access the settings menu. Then, tap the upper right corner to open the WiFi search bar. Search for the product's WiFi signal named "AutoKit-xxxx" and connect to it. Enter the default password: 888888888. Once connected, make sure to enable the "Stay connected while driving" option.

  4. Open the car's browser and enter "tespush.com" in the address bar to access the connection interface.

  5. On your iPhone, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth. In the Bluetooth settings, locate the Bluetooth name displayed on the car's screen: "AutoKit-xxxx" and tap to connect. Once the Bluetooth connection is successful, confirm the CarPlay connection prompt on your iPhone. This will initiate the wireless CarPlay connection.

  6. After the car's screen enters wireless CarPlay mode, connect your iPhone's Bluetooth to the car's Bluetooth.

By following these steps carefully, you should be able to establish a successful wireless CarPlay connection between your iPhone and the Tesla car.

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