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July 15, 2023 1 min read

CarlinKit TBox series:when upgrading the firmware, several users will encounter this prompt: MSG_ANDROID_FILE_ERROR

Problem causes:
1, upgrade firmware download error
2, TF selection error

1:upgrade firmware,Don't confuse to download

TBox V2/V3, same firmware 
TBox mini, separate firmware
TBox plus, separate firmware
TBox AR, separate firmware

Please get in touch with our email (support@carlinkitcarplay.com), and we will send the firmware file to your email address.

2:TF card selection

If the firmware file is correct, but still prompts this error, please replace a TF card.
Recommended format: FAT32
For 128G TF card, you need format: exFAT

Warning: When formatting, please do not select "Quick Format".

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