About Audi TT Apple CarPlay you need to know

About Audi TT Apple CarPlay you need to know

Does the Audi TT support Apple CarPlay?

Some Audi TT models have infotainment systems that support Apple CarPlay, depending on the year and specific model. See the specifics below:

Models that support Apple CarPlay:

2018 and beyond: Apple CarPlay is supported on all models equipped with the MMI Touch Response Plus or MMI Touch Response 3.0 systems.

Models that do not support Apple CarPlay:

2017 and earlier: Apple CarPlay is not supported on all models with the MMI Touch Response system.

How to see if your Audi TT have Apple CarPlay?

  1. Check your manual for a list of features and options. That includes Apple CarPlay.
  2. Find the logo on the main screen or in the settings.
  3. Check with your Audi dealer for compatibility.

How to connect iPhone to Audi TT?

  1. Make sure your Audi TT model supports Apple CarPlay.
  2. If your Audi TT does not have a wireless CarPlay connection, you need to use a USB cable.

We recommend getting a CarPlay wireless adapter to make connecting your CarPlay easier and safer.
Wireless Carplay lets you focus on driving. It allows you to use your phone without any limitations.

Connect your iPhone to Audi TT and activate Apple CarPlay for all features.

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