How to troubleshoot Android Auto connection problem?

Q1: After connecting with the Dongle, only Carplay works, Android auto doesn't work, what should I do?

1. Please make sure that your Android phone has the Android Auto function installed normally. (From the Google Play to download and install Android Auto.)

Autokit-Android auto

2. Try to update Android Auto Services and Google service in your phone, and run Android Auto first on the phone before using Android Auto.

3. Then unplug the product again, and use a high-quality data cable to connect to the phone.

4. Please check whether the country or area is supported by Google Android Auto (The areas where Google is not open are not supported, even the mobile phone support Android Auto. It can be found on the Google official website).

Q2: After changing the display language to Traditional Chinese in the Autokit app settings, the connection method is still hicar without Android auto, what should I do?

The solution can be tried:

Please uninstall Autokit and reinstall it to solve the problem.

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