What should I do if Carlinkit A2A keeps on getting disconnected?

If your Carlinkit A2A keeps disconnecting or fails to connect at all, you can try the following solution:

Visit the box's back-end webpage to modify the WiFi band from 5G to 2.4G, or 2.4G to 5G, or add a extra power supply cable.

1. First connect to WiFi of the box with mobile phone, WiFi name started with Auto or Vol (varies with the original car)

2. Enter the password: 12345678

3. Go into this URL: in browser of mobile phone to enter the backend.

4. Settings - wireless settings, modify this option.

Note: For users experiencing always encounter interference and connection issues, especially near airports. The potential solution is also try to switch the 5GHz frequency to 2.4GHz.

If you have more after-sales questions, please contact our email: support@carlinkitcarplay.com.

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