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(Autokit) Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle for Aftermarket Android Head Unit


Good News: A new version of Autokit has been released! Carlinkit CPC200 CCPA supports both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto.

If you use Carplay and Android Auto in Aftermarket Android Head Unit. You can choose👉 Carlinkit Autokit Product. It's specially made for Android head unit, which is suitable for model system versions above Android 4.4+.

If you use an iPhone and your vehicle supports Wired CarPlay or these Aftermarket Head-Units(Alpine/ Pioneer/ Kenwood...), you can choose the👉 Carlinkit U2W Plus (3.0/ 4.0). 

If you enjoy using apps like Netflix or YouTube in your car, you deserved 👉Tbox Plus( Full Android 13.0 System) or Tbox Mini(Full Android 11.0 System)Covering a wider range of functions, compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones.

As for the Carlinkit Autokit, there are two versions for you to choose from.


Note : 

  • If you opt for the CPC200-Autokit/ CPC200-CCPA and are unable to install the APK on your car, our product will not be functional for you. The CarPlay dongle operates via the AutoKit app, which can only be utilized once the "AutoKit.apk" is successfully installed on your Android Head Unit.
  • "Wired Connection" means you can only connect to your CarPlay via cable. "Wireless Connection" means you can not only connect to your CarPlay via cable but also via Bluetooth and wifi.

Autokit - Make Your Android Screen Car With Wireless Apple CarPlay.



  • Model: Carlinkit CPC200-autokit;
  • Size: 42 x 13 x 181 mm;
  • Vehicle Head Unit Support: Android 4.4+ System;
  • Phone System: iPhone with iOS9+; Android 4.4+.


How to Use This Carlinkit USB Dongle?


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Your car screen system is Android version because the Android system can install any app. including the "Autokit app". (Install the Autokit app in the car; this is a prerequisite for using this product.)

1. Please make sure your car is Android 4.4 and above system. 2. Download the AutoKit application, and enter settings > environment testing. If all three options are displayed with “√”, 3. Your car can use a dongle.

Note: Not applicable to Aftermarket Head-Units Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood!! Choose another product—Carlinkit USB Wireless Adapter Dongle for Wired CarPlay.

It supports iPhone 5 and above systems, like IOS 10 or more. It supports Android Auto feature phones.
Note: lf your iPhone is iOS 5+ or above, please update AutoKit.apk to the latest version.

For the car having Android Navigation stereo, you can plug the dongle into your car USB port directly after installing the AutoKit on the car screen, and then connect the iPhone with the dongle and click AutoKit to go to the CarPlay interface.

For the car not having an Android Navigation stereo, you can plug the dongle to your Android Tablet after installing the AutoKit on the tablet(You should use a USB Adapter to keep the dongle from charging), then connect the iPhone with the dongle and click AutoKit to go to CarPlay interface.
Note: It's similar to Android Auto.

Please click here to download Autokit APK

Method 1: Download the APK on Car Browser.

1. Click the browser on the car, enter the URL, and download APK. (Your car must Connect to the Network.) 2. Click the “Download Directory” to find the downloaded APK file, then install it.

Method 2: Download the APK on your computer, copy it to a USB flash drive, and install it.

1. Enter the URL on your computer browser, download the APK, and copy it to a USB flash drive. 2. Insert the U disk into the USB interface of the car, find the U disk directory in the “File Manager”, then install it.

1. Insert the CarPlay Dongle into your car. 2. Turn on the Wifi and Bluetooth. 3. Searching the Bluetooth and then entering the pin (0000).

1. Upgrade APK: Unplug the dongle first, then enter the APK settings, find the "check upgrade" button, and you will see the prompt for the latest version. Then click update and the APK is updated.
2. Upgrade dongle: Plug in the dongle to the car, then enter the APK settings and find "check to upgrade", you will see the latest box version, and then click Update.
Upload log function: If there are still some minor problems after upgrading to the latest version, please upload the log. It will collect your use problems that occur when using Carplay. Our engineers will research the solution and add it to the next upgrade version so that we have the opportunity to solve this problem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Review After 10 Days

It’s smooth to connect and work flawlessly. Only issue we are facing phone call audio is not adequate.

Perfect Device

It works perfectly with my car screen. Finally, I am enjoying Android Auto in my car without changing the display.

Very good product

The only downside to this product is that it sometimes does disconnect randomly, but that is not often. Besides that very good product sound quality is good and latency is very impressive.

Excellent service and product

Shipping was very fast and product is really good


Good very good

Great customer service

Very understanding customer service.
To get the dongle working, we had to get the software downgraded. No problem tough. Clear instructions on the forums.

Great product!

This works great in my BYD Tang!

Extended the life of a previously annoying aftermarket android unit

Finally managed to download the apk app after several attempts over a long time. I had always tried to load from Google Playstore but for the first time saw it written as an address so tried on a browser...success!! Did need to force the headunit to download but all worked. After plugging in for the first time, a quick update was required and after that all worked as anticipated. Very happy with the dongle, just wish I had come across better app download instructions when I first started considering this route and I would have had CarPlay a year sooner...just need to work out if I can get one for my Alpine screen in the van now!


(Autokit) Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Dongle for Aftermarket Android Head Unit

Citroen C4 2006

Works perfectly on my Citroen C4 2006 with an aftermarket navigation system.