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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan Petersen
Good product

Easy as pie to setup and use. Unit is very small and fits perfect within the center armrest.

Works well

Works very good, reconnects each time I get in car without me doing anything. No complaints on the product, carplay 5.0. just a little mad that it was advertised $30 less than what I played before I even received mine.

Works Great

Okay so I have been able to get it to work and when it did it was SOOOOO COOL, I keep having trouble remembering how to connect it becuz my son keeps using the radio with his phone and it’s something I’m doing not the product and they offered support but I am trying to figure it out on my own they have helped me along the way before and after to make sure I was buying the correct thing. It came with Netflix, and YouTube already on it plus several other apps which was cool and I have a 2021 Infiniti QX 50 for anyone who may want to know with Apple CarPlay (wireless). I def recommend and shipping was fast with expedited shipping!

Gabriela Lander-Castro
Just amazing!

This is the best thing ever! It installs very easy, it connects quick and easy. There’s been a few times the screen freezes but the device keeps working. Based on other devices’ reviews, I did an extensive research, this is by far the best of this kind!

Oleksandr Rybalkin