Wireless CarPlay does not connect

1、Synchronously verify whether the wired can be connected

2、Check if the phone has access restrictions on, confirm the phone WIFI status is on, and click "Enable Wireless Carplay" when connecting Bluetooth. Click the "exclamation mark" of the Bluetooth name on the cell phone to select the Carplay icon

3、Re-pair the phone

Remove the pairing method.

(1) Click "WIFI icon" in the upper left corner of the main interface of the product and long press the phone name to delete  

(2) Ignore the current Bluetooth name on the phone  

Wireless connection method

(1) Mobile phone Bluetooth search device name, the software upper left corner of the Bluetooth icon below the display device name  

(2) pairing code for 0000  

(3) The cell phone pop-up, select "Enable Wireless CarPlay"

(4) There is a pop-up whether to lock the screen to use Carplay, point to allow

4、Restart the phone