FQA Connecting...Unable to access wireless CarPlay

First, please access the background to update the dongle online.
You may refer to the blog below to learn how to access the background.(Carlinkit3.0/4.0 and Carlinkit A2A have the same background)

If you update online, but it still doesn't connect, please try the following steps.
1. Please make sure that the iPhone has turned on Bluetooth, WiFi, Siri, and CarPlay, and iPhone is connected to the CarlinKit product Bluetooth.

2, restart the iPhone, and re-unplug the product.
3, iPhone connected to the product WiFi, Safari access, reset the product and then reconnect.
4, car screen, product connection interface, long press the phone name to delete all connection records; iPhone Bluetooth list to delete the product connection records.
5, iPhone - Settings - General - CarPlay, delete all connection records