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FAQ Carlinkit 4.0 Siri can receive commands, but recognition is not accurate

When you are using the box, you encounter the following problems:
The voice assistant can receive commands but the recognition of commands is not accurate, the recognition of commands is not successful

Receive the command but the recognition command is not successful: (can receive the command, but the recognition is incomplete, wrong, or not recognized)
1. Check the phone network first, the success rate of voice recognition has a lot to do with the phone network, you can restart the phone once if necessary
2. In the case of a normal network, recognition is still a problem, then the Apple phone directly connected to the original car wired carplay, see if Siri can be used normally
(a.) directly connected to the original car wired carplay, Siri's voice can not be properly recognized, indicating the car machine has problems, which means the original car microphone abnormal or car machine program problems lead to voice command reception is not recognized.
(b.) directly connected to the original carplay, Siri can be used normally, that is the box software compatibility problems. in this car machine call microphone abnormalities lead to the recognition of voice commands being unsuccessful, after connecting the box function, use the voice function twice, reproduce the problem, and then upload the log to the technical analysis of the reasons.