FAQ Car doesn't recognize the product (U2W Series/CarlinKit 2.0/3.0)

1. Check whether the product signal light will be on and whether it is connected to the wired CarPlay interface of the car
2. log in to, and check the version update, if it is not the latest version, please update to the latest.
3. Automotive Head Unit to restore factory settings; cell phone browser into settings to reset the product
4. Replace a data cable
5. Submit the log to see if there is a suitable version of the push

Individual models require separate settings

1, some Mercedes-Benz CarPlay interface with cell phone icon, the product needs to be connected to the interface and set Apple CarPlay to start automatically


2, For some Audi / Volvo, you need to disconnect the phone and Automotive Head Unit Bluetooth connection first

3, 17 Mazda CX5, needs a USB auxiliary cable to increase the power supply


①:CarlinKit (type-C) to USB
②:Car Cigarette Lighter / USB port different from Automotive Head Unit
③:The interface used by wired CarPlay (with data transfer function)