Explanation of Autokit App options settings.



The built-in current android radio environment detection function can detect whether APP can get android radio USB permission, whether android radio microphone is occupied by other programs, android radio resolution detection, the detection result is for reference only, it can be used for pre-sale detection, mainly detecting USB permission, when detecting, please use Data cable to connect the phone to the android radio USB port in the detection.

Decoding Method

Software decoding/hardware decoding, hardware decoding with android radio itself decoding ability, theoretically if android radio decoding can be strong then can be faster resolution can be higher, software decoding is a supplement to hardware decoding fixed 800 * 480 resolution, if android radio decoding ability is strong enough recommended to use hardware decoding, with the corresponding resolution to use, the resolution is too high display or freeze set a small, if hardware decoding resolution are tried still can not show the image or freeze, you can switch software decoding try.

Frame Rate

Frame rate of screen synchronization, use with hardware function, depending on android radio capability to adjust. 

iPhone Mode

CarPlay: connect the phone with Box through the data cable to use the wired CarPlay function, also can Bluetooth pairing wifi transmission to connect the Apple phone wireless CarPlay function.
Mirror: Through the Apple phone data cable, the phone screen display Mirror cast screen to the android radio display, only the cell phone side can be operated, if the Apple X cell phone cast screen on the android radio decoding ability has certain requirements. 

Android Mode

Android Auto: through the wired/wireless connection Android Auto function, need cell phone support (mainly for cell phones and regions that support Android Auto);
Mirror: through the phone data cable, the phone screen display Mirror cast screen to android radio display, can be two-way operation, need the phone to open the USB debugging function option, some phones Mirror when there may be a certain delay. 

Connection Mode

Manua: connect manually through the cell phone Bluetooth pairing Bluetooth connection, in the case of this cell phone connection record, click on the android radio APK interface Bluetooth icon can also be connected;
Automatic: Automatic_connect within the range of the Box Bluetooth searchable, has been connected to the phone that has generated a connection record and turned on the Bluetooth, note that the phone Bluetooth Box pairing record still exists in the case to connect 

Display Size

Display size: applicable to Android auto, you can adjust the function icons and font size displayed in Android auto interface 

Night mode

on: forced night mode display, some functions actually depend on the phone support.
off:Forced daytime mode display.
auto: according to the phone time the phone enters night mode, the corresponding function also enters night mode, some functions actually depend on the phone support. 

Night time

Night mode custom enable time, after setting, to the corresponding time, you can automatically enable the night mode. 

Automatic Star

After opening, the boot will automatically open the APP and identify Box (if the android radio restrictions may fail to open), in addition, if the boot does not identify Box since the APP needs to be unplugged once Box, you can turn off the self-boot, open the automatic connection to try whether it will be good 

Driving Position

Left/ Right
Driving position: the difference between left driving and right driving, according to the user's driving habits to switch between left and right driving can be the same as the driving mode. 

Image Scale

Fullscreen/ Original
Adjust the ratio of the displayed image, Fullscreen can force the display of Fullscreen, Fullscreen if the touch offset, then choose back to Original, Original is the standard resolution supported by the automatic adaptation function after identifying the android radio resolution, touch offset / display stretch and other abnormalities can be adjusted to Try the original picture. 

Save log

In the event of a problem, you can turn on this option, go back and reproduce the problem once more, then upload the log, fill in the corresponding log description, and take pictures of the description content to feed back to CarlinKit staff to see if the problem can be solved.


Advanced Settings

Some of the less commonly used settings are included, please see the more settings page for more information. 

Software version

The version number of the current APP software is displayed. 

Box version

The current version number of Box is displayed. 

Recgeck updates

Click on check for updates to display the current update information, if not updated it will show that it is already the latest version. 

Upload log

In the event of a problem, after turning on save logs to reproduce the problem, you can go inside the settings and follow the steps to upload a log of the problem to assist in trying to fix it (remember to take a picture before submitting it and send it to CarlinKit staff to make it easy to find your log quickly). 


To start the test, you need to first use the cell phone data cable to connect the phone directly to the android radio USB port to test, insert the U disk test results are not by reference significance. Must use the phone. 


Detect the microphone permission and the program that occupy the microphone, detect the microphone permission and the program that occupy the microphone, use it when using Siri or calling android radio when the microphone is occupied, if you find that the microphone is occupied, you can click to fix the program that occupy the microphone, and then go to the android radio settings to turn off or disable the program that occupy the microphone (some android radio does not support this operation, please find another way or take the Bluetooth channel). 

Echo cancellation

When calling with echo, you can try to turn on this option and go to the next step. (You need to long press the left side of a key detection for 3 seconds to summon to change the hidden option). 


Detect USB permission, android radio that can't get USB permission will hit "X", android radio that hit the fork can't recognize Box, android radio that hit the checkbox can recognize Box 97%, pay attention to the detection of the phone with USB cable and android radio USB direct connection. 


Probably detect how much decoding capability android radio can support, note that decoding capability is not equal to resolution. 


Exit the advanced settings interface to return to the APP settings interface. 

Wifi Band

After opening, you can switch the wifi signal band sent by Box according to the signal band supported by your cell phone in the area you are using, which needs to be used with the new version of Box software. 

APP Fullscreen

Force to make APK full screen display, some android radio may not support it. 

Bottom Navigation Bar

Hide or show the navigation bar at the bottom of the android radio interface, it needs to be useful on the kind of android radio where the bottom navigation bar can be covered. 

Render Mode

When the phone is connected and shows a black screen or sound noise operation is stuck, you can try to switch the rendering method option. 

Audio Channel(Beta)
1.Bluetooth: use android radio bluetooth to transmit sound, switch when the microphone is occupied, call echo, etc. need to switch to bluetooth to transmit sound, note that the phone should be connected to android radio bluetooth after switching.

2.Box: default use Box to transmit sound, no need to connect android radio Bluetooth. 

Telephone audio

Switching call is the sound channel of android radio end speaker output, you can't hear the sound on this side of the call car, but you can try to switch this option when playing music with sound. 

Bluetooth Name

Custom Bluetooth name, if you can't connect to Box after modification, please modify back to the default name, modify the name of the same as the language phone search.

Wifi Name

Customize WiFi name, if you can't connect to Box after modification, please modify back to the default name, modify it to the same name searched by your phone. 

Audio Classify

After opening, you can sort and adjust all kinds of volume, not all android radio can, need android standard sound channel port android radio to work, the actual android radio due to different programs may appear after adjusting no effect, adjust the wrong phenomenon, please use according to the specific situation. 

Backstage Control

When the APP is in the background after opening, the steering wheel and other key functions can also control the APP function up and down and other operations. 

Auto Play Music

When you turn it on and connect to the corresponding function, you can automatically play music, and android radio is related to the function of the phone, not necessarily in all android radio to take effect. 

Charging Mode

Divided into strong charging and weak charging mode (reserved port, need hardware support, not yet effective). 

Car: use android radio microphone to record, the normal situation is to use android radio microphone, depending on the recording effect of the android radio system, there may be calls with echo, may also be occupied by other applications (android radio Bluetooth channel does not count as android radio microphone)
Phone: use your own phone with microphone
Box: Use Box microphone, you need Box with microphone to do so. 

MIicrophone Gain

Only if you use android radio microphone, if you use cell phone microphone, Box microphone and android radio Bluetooth channel, adjusting this gain is not effective. 

Quick ball

After opening, a hoverball blob appears, containing a simple up and down curve, pause, disconnect and other functions. 

Language Settings

Switching APP interface shows the font display language, the default follow android radio system is not the function interface after connection, the function interface is related to the phone. 

Key learning(Beta)

Steering wheel button function learning, need the steering wheel and then android radio can use the function to learn other functions in this, generally android radio support the original car up, down song, pause, return button, these functions of the button learning APP inside the function, some android radio even up and down song can not learn, that should not be Android standard party control port definition, this need android radio with the given port can be additionally debugged. 

Volume button to switch music

On android radio without up/down button, switch up/down song by volume up/down button, special setting only support some android radio. 

Restore Defauli Settings

After clicking on it, APK will restore all settings to their default values and APK will restart itself. 

OEM Icon Selection

Customize the car logo displayed in the interface of CarPlay or other features that support settings.

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