AutoKit: It can display the Bluetooth name, but the screen keeps "turning in circles" and cannot enter wireless CarPlay/HiCar

When I use Autokit, it has connection issues. It can't connect to Carplay.

You can try those solutions:

1, open the cell phone WiFi list, find AutoKit or Auto**** named WiFi/Bluetooth name, remember them;
2, click the "gear" settings icon in the upper left corner of AutoKit;
3, select "Advanced Settings";
4, continuously click the "Advanced Settings" text at the top of the interface, ten times, to open the Bluetooth/WiFi modification options;
5, just now the phone searched for the box's WIFI name to fill in the Bluetooth / WiFi options, save;
6, individual cases, after modifying the Bluetooth WiFi, can not find the modified Bluetooth WiFi, at this time you need to restore the default settings in the Settings - Advanced Settings - Restore Default Settings;
7, iphone-CarPlay, if you change the bluetooth name + restore the default settings, and still can not connect, please in the phone settings - General - CarPlay car, delete so the connection record;

if the above 3 methods can not solve the connection problem
8,please upgrade your apk and box firmware online.
9,Please connect the box wired or not.
10,Upgrade the version of your cell phone.

Note: The customized Bluetooth/WiFi name can use letters, numbers, don't use symbols/emoji.

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