How to access the Carlinkit 4.0 background( set parameters,Background parameters update online, upload logs)?

A: (For iPhone) please connect to wireless CarPlay or connect directly to the box's WIFI "WIFI name varies with the car model. It starts with VOL or Auto (password 12345678). Input with your phone's Safari browser.


A: (For Android phones) please ignore the box's Bluetooth signal and actively connect to the box's second WIFI with your phone. WIFI name which start with VOL or Auto changes with the car model (password 12345678). Input to enter the background with your phone's browser.

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A: Check for updates: Basic Settings" Check for updates, make sure not to power off during this period. Please wait for the box to RESTART and you will see the UI interface again.

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A: Upload logs: Basic Settings 》Please click Feedback to fill in the issues first. And take a 'Screenshot' of the log. Then click "submit". Please send the screenshot of the logs to the corresponding staff and wait for the technical team to provide a solution.

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 Background parameters

A:Basic infos "Car info" "Box info" "Other"
A: Manage "Connected phone records"
A: Settings "Auto-connect" "Media Delay" "Language"
A: Advanced "Sync Mode" "Background Mode" "Knob Mode" "Video Resolution" "DPI""Frame" "Start Delay" "GPS" "Resst" "Rollback"



Q: Followed the correct steps but can't access the product
A: Please turn your browser's Private Mode on. After turning on the Private Mode, try to enter the
background again.

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