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CarlinKit 3.0/4.0/CP2A/U2W series: Can't automatically connect to Carplay / Android Auto

June 14, 2023 1 min read

This method is applicable to the CarlinKit 3.0/4.0/CP2A/U2W series.

There are many factors that affect the automatic connection of Carlinkit 2.0/3.0/4.0, please make sure.

1, keep the phone WiFi and Bluetooth on state, Bluetooth is not occupied by other devices / connected
2,, upgrade the firmware to the latest version
3,, the automatic connection option is on


If the above conditions are met, please try

1,, Start Delay, set to 1 or 3
2,, Reset Product
3, Cell phone, clear CarPlay connection record, Clear Bluetooth connection record, Restart your phone
4, individual models, such as Cadillac, need to remove the phone connection record in Automotive Head Unit


Auto connect




Start Delay




Reset CP2A




Clear Bluetooth connection history




Delete Carplay connection history

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