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FAQs(EN) - T2C

Quality Guarantee and Service for T2C Tesla

  1. Does the product have quality assurance?

    In order to provide the best installation suggestions and after-sales service for your car, It is recommended that you choose to buy from first. All products sold have been tested and provide an after-sales guarantee. We will give priority to providing one-to-one service for customers who place orders on our site. For products purchased on other websites(e.g., Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay), we will not be able to guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

  2. How to enjoy product after-sales service?

    We offer service for items purchased from If you buy Carlinkit products from other websites(e.g., Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay), please seek help from other sellers first. You can also refer to our FAQ, but the products purchased from other websites may be different from ours, and our FAQ may not apply to products purchased on other websites.


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