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FAQ How to Upload Log/Feedback (A2A/Carlinkit 3.0/4.0)

This method is applicable to Carlinkit3.0/Carlinkit4.0/A2A


Carlinkit there are two versions of the new/old web interface, the two interfaces submit the same method, the difference is that the new interface has a "feedback code".


Text tutorial.

1, when you have a problem, please use your cell phone browser to visit under the wireless Android Auto/CarPlay connection (or directly connect to the product WiFi, visit, method →How to visit website backstage/


2, find the web page "feedback", briefly fill in the problems you encounter, submit


3, a, the old version of the web interface, you need to submit before the screenshot, the screenshot needs to contain the text you enter so that we can find your feedback through keywords; b, the new version of the web interface, after the submission, just copy the feedback code can be


4, the screenshot/feedback code, send to Carlinkit carplay customer service staff can


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