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What if Tesla can't search the WiFi of the product?

May 18, 2023 1 min read

1. Tesla cannot detect any WiFi networks, including iPhone hotspots. Please reset the Tesla car's system by following these steps:

  • Put the vehicle into Park (P) gear.
  • Press and hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel simultaneously until the vehicle's touchscreen goes black.
  • Release both hands after the touchscreen goes black. The car's system will complete the restart process.

2. Tesla cannot detect the WiFi network for the T2C box (Autokit - ****).

  • Please use your iPhone to search for the WiFi network of the T2C box.
  • Connect to the network using the password "88888888".
  • Once connected successfully, open Safari and visit "".
  • On this webpage, you can switch the WiFi band to the 5GHz frequency, specific to your country's region (e.g., 36/40/44 for Israel).
  • Try searching for the WiFi network of the T2C box again.

3. Disconnect and reconnect the T2C box.

4. Access "" on your iPhone and submit a feedback or log. Send your UUID to the after-sales or salesperson, who will analyze the log data and provide a solution.

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