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Can't connect to Wireless Android Auto when I use Carlinkit 5.0

November 20, 2023 1 min read

When i  use Carlinkit 5.0,the adapter is not connecting to my Android phone.

Please check if your car has wired Android Auto first,If yes, please refer to the following steps:

Step1)You need flash this firmware.
Please download the firmware by the below link.
For a link to the firmware and steps please contact us via our email
Our email address is

Step2)After updating the firmware,reset the box
How to reset:
1.Connect to the box WIFI, the WiFi starts with VOL, Auto or changes according to the car model, the password is: 12345678
2. Open the browser on your mobile phone and enter the address:, enter the background page, select the settings page of the web page, and click "Reset/Restore Factory Settings"
Step3)Then the phone ignores the Bluetooth of the box and reconnects to the box

1. Clear Google service cache
Text tutorial Open phone settings->Apps and notifications->Google Play services->Storage and cache->Clear storage space
2. Clear Android Auto cache
Text tutorial Open phone settings->Apps and notifications->Android Auto->Storage and cache->Clear storage space
After clearing, connect the wired connection first, wait 3 minutes, disconnect the wired connection, and then connect to the wireless connection.

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